What is Global Education?

India as a Component of the Global WorldGlobal Education is the art of teaching students how to understand the world–its cultures, languages and how its economic, environmental and social systems work.  Global competence is measured by a student being able to (as defined by the Asia Society, a chief architect of global education):


  • INVESTIGATE THE WORLD – Students investigate the world beyond their immediate environment.
  • RECOGNIZE PERSPECTIVES- Students recognize their own and others’ perspective.
  • COMMUNICATE IDEAS –          Students communicate their ideas effectively with diverse audiences
  • TAKE ACTION –                            Students translate their ideas and findings into appropriate actions to improve conditions


Global Education allows a person to think on a much larger scale than their classroom, neighborhood, or even their city.  It allows a person to respect ALL cultures, – not compare everything to their own, as if one’s own culture is the standard of measurement.  Global Education allows students to become citizens of the world…willing, and thinking about making an impact.

In order to provide students with a global perspective, Teachers must inculcate the same, therefore the Teachers for Global Classroom program exists…..lucky me!

4 comments to What is Global Education?

  1. Rajesh Patil says:

    Hello Janice
    I think the blog is showing very little information.
    Just a few paragraphs regarding the concept of global education.
    Not a single word about your visit to India and particularly Paras.
    Rajesh Patil

    • jfoss says:

      Hmm, that is strange, I have many, many posts for almost everything we did. I was playing around with it, maybe I inadvertently did something that hid the posts. There should be a menu of posts to the right of “global education”. It says “Bharata Blog Posts”. I see it on my end. I will have someone else look to see if it is visible. As an update, the posts do appear and can be clicked on to read the posts. I have also placed all posts on the top of the page. Enjoy

  2. Ataullah Sheikh says:

    The concept global education is the need of the time. The syllabus of education in every country should have an appropriate place to it

    • jfoss says:

      I so agree! I feel that people would be more thoughtful about others and globally respect each other’s opinions

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